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Support Local Control and Self-Determination of Counties

Since 1997, when rural counties won legislative approval for County-Based Purchasing (CBP), CBPs have played a key role in providing health care coverage to rural residents. In 2016, an average of over 81,000 residents per month were served by a CBP health plan. In addition, CBPs have been successful in the following:

  • Controlling health care costs
  • Increasing the quality of health care provided to residents
  • Expanding access to local health care
  • Enhancing provider reimbursements
  • Reinvesting funds back into the communities we serve to strengthen rural health care
  • Demonstrating a long-term commitment to serving county residents

Work for Stronger Public Policy

MACHP works to strengthen public policy related to Minnesota Health Care Programs from the rural county-based perspective. While MACHP members are categorized as managed care organizations or health plans, we are not members of the Minnesota Council of Health Plans, and we represent a distinct locally governed type of health plan organization that solely serves rural Minnesota counties and residents.

Act as a Resource for All Rural Counties

MACHP is a resource for rural counties interested in forming their own health plans or partnerships. Contact us if your county would like more information about CBPs or other innovative health alliances.